Common Carp

Latin Name:  Cyprinus carpio carpio

The common carp is, as the name implies, a very common fish to find in freshwater systems all over the world. In many places these fish are an unwelcome introduction to the habitat and often out-compete other native species. These omnivores are found in the family Cyprinidae along with the carps and minnows. Due to their wide range of food sources and their temperature tolerance (37 to 90 degrees F) carp have been successful in many freshwater bodies of water (and some brackish systems) including those that freeze over in the winter. The edible fish may reach sizes of up to 88 pounds and aged to 38 years. Though these fish have small mouths and no teeth they do have at least one defense mechanism in the form of two primary dorsal and anal spines armed with large, jagged points that curve backwards.