About Us

Grant & Erick

At the crossroads of science and artistic expression sits Helter Skeletons Limited (HSL), a company that offers a different perspective to the world of marine art enthusiasts. Originating as an alternative to traditional taxidermy, Grant Stoecklin (Founder) was introduced to the skeletonization process during graduate school for the purpose of understanding how a fish’s skeletal structure interacted with the many associated muscle groups. After receiving his degree, he continued to skeletonize fish as a hobby. Eventually he experimented with and refined the process to achieve the most true-to-life representations of game and non-game fish species. A few years later Erick Ault (Marketing and Design Specialist) came on board. Helter Skeletons became an official business in March of 2007 and has been continuing to evolve and grow in new directions each and every year.  

As a result of being well-known for fish skeletons, our articulated skeletons have been featured in many magazines, T.V. shows such as Bones and 30 Rock and even feature films like Life of Pi.  Skeletons, artwork and other skeleton-inspired products have been sold to enthusiasts around the world.